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Lennox Street, Newtown, NSW

On a very small site in the narrow streets of Newtown we have managed to create four new 2-storey apartment style dwellings, each with its own private large rooftop terrace plus three brand new 3-storey terrace houses.  An existing heritage listed substation building has been wholly retained except for the roof and parts of the rear wall with a new addition formed above & behind the existing façade.  The new addition is contemporary in nature yet retains a raw, industrial materiality as a nod to the site’s former use.  A subtle cantilevered roof form creates an intriguing insert into the streetscape.


The new terrace houses are generous in size and maximise light & air in an otherwise awkward east-west orientation.  The form & design of the new buildings picks up queues from the local vernacular but avoids mimicry.  Elements of the new terrace houses tie-in with the architecture of the new additions to the substation, resulting in a homogenous development overall but one which retains the heritage item as the hero in the streetscape.


Status:  Construction commencing soon.

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