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Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, NSW

Though never built, the commission for this project was won by and undertaken by Adrian Tarrant whilst in the employ of Sam Crawford Architects.  My client, the owner and operator of Sydney Skydivers, wished to develop an indoor skydiving facility based on technology developed in the USA and already operating throughout North America & Europe.


After hunting around for a possible site over a couple of years and agreement was reached with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority for them to provide a small parcel of land in the corner of an existing carpark.  The building was designed to wrap around but also make a feature of the massive mechanical services & ductwork that is prefabricated in the USA and that forms the wind tunnel.  The shape of an aircraft wing inspired the external form of the building with the same concept carried inside with framing that would imitate the inner structure of a wing.  The whole idea was to make the actual flight chamber as visible as possible both from outside the building and also as people entered the main foyer.  


Unfortunately, the project was the victim of NSW state politics and never went ahead.


Status:  Unbuilt.

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