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Windermere Avenue, Miranda, NSW

Located on an unusually large but awkward shaped site at the end of a cul-de-sac in Miranda, this proposed development takes advantage of the natural slope of the land to create a semi basement carpark with 10 two & three storey townhouses beside and above the carparking.  Four of the new dwellings have an outlook over an existing small park adjacent to the site and the others have private courtyards facing into a landscaped common access path.  Adopting our core design principle of maximising light & air, all dwellings have natural cross ventilation and good solar orientation.


Despite the relatively high-density nature of the proposal, the street presence is downplayed by burying the front edge of the carkpark under an earth berm with native grasses and feature trees so that the buildings look like they are sitting on and nestled into a hill. 


Status:  Development application pending.

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