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Kilncar Crescent, Thirroul, NSW

This is the one that started it all! Upon arriving back to Australia after spending nearly 3 years in France, Adrian was approached by a friend to design them a new family home on a green field site in a brand new subdivision in Thirroul.  Having nothing else to do at the time, Adrian agreed to take on the project as a private job while looking for full time employment.


The brief was to create a comfortable single storey family home but one that had to accommodate a special needs child. Thus equitable access, circulation and the ability for parental supervision of both indoor & outdoor play were essential elements of the design.  The was also a need to the parents to have their own break-out spaces to retreat to.


The resulting plan is one with clearly differentiated parental & children zones centralized kitchen & living areas.  The long, but relatively narrow site with north to the long side afforded an opportunity to provide to all living areas of the home.  A continuous line of clerestory windows along the main east-east corridor spine pushes natural light well into the entire depth of the plan. Extensive openable windows take advantage of cooling evening sea breezes to effectively cool the home in summer.


The result is a family residence with a holiday beach-house feel about it.  The creation of multiple external courtyard spaces enables the landscaping to wrap into and become one with the internal spaces.



Status:  Completed 2013.

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